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Fully Staffed 24/7

Our fully-trained customer support help you with any aspect of getting the best out of your Fibreservice. We aim to resolve customer issues on the same day. In case you don't get satisfactory resolution of your query / complaint at the customer service you can get in touch with our Nodal Team.


Full Network Visibility

Experienced Full-screen 1080p HD Video Streaming on YouTube yet? Or even the 720p HD Video? Maybe the perennial buffering is keeping you at 360p or lower. Shift to Purple Broadband, and stop compromising with the quality experience. Moreover, on the large LCD/ LED TV on your wall.


Resilient Connectivity

Bet your internet needs are not just confined to a single PC/ Laptop any more. You probably have a few Wi-Fi capable Smartphones, and some tablets (iPad, Galaxy Tab, etc.) in your family. Shift to Purple Broadband, and connect more devices with the quality experience.

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We only quote the price that you will really pay. Our packages are great value and we only offer flat rate fees, with no hidden charges.

Purple Internet Broadband Plans (Unlimited broadband, Ultra fast, Home broadband & Wifi, Mobile Connection) Purple Cable TV Plans (Digital Transmission, Weather proof signal- No rain interruptions, Easy Installation, Free customer care support, local Channels)

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